Preserve precious memories with custom framing.

At Framing Life, we frame the special parts of people’s lives. Whether it’s a beautiful piece of art collected on a trip, a photo reminiscent of years gone by or a treasured item from a loved one, our handcrafted frames bring memories to life.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and passion, providing quality design, service, workmanship and care in handling. Our framing services are informed by the latest design trends and techniques in custom picture framing.

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Give the gift of bespoke framed art and photography.

Our shop is full of vibrant photography and other items already framed and ready to be purchased. At Framing Life, we collect unique items and memorabilia that we believe deserve a custom frame and would sit beautifully in the right person’s home.

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Bring professional photography to life with quality printing.

Our photo printing services cover photographs, canvas printing and fine art paper printing. You can also choose your preferred photographs from our gallery, and we can print and frame them for you so they’re ready to brighten up your home or office.

We also offer instant photo printing services with our kiosk in store.

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